We know every situation - and every slider - is a unique case. That's why we'll come to the house, free of charge, to estimate your sliding door repair.

Roller Replacement


Includes the removal of grease and/or debris from your tracks, the installation of new single wheel rollers, and the adjustments to ensure the doors are secure and sealing.

It will perform better than a brand-new door.

Rail Repair


Bad rollers create significant damage to the tracks, which causes the panel to rumble and even come off the track entirely!

We are able to resurface the rail that the rollers ride on, resulting in doors that operate smoothly.

Service Calls


Let's be honest: when there doesn't appear to be any damage, it's tough to tell exactly what the problem is.

A $99 service call is just what you need! With up to an hour included, we can remedy minor problems that don't require roller replacement.

Handles & Accessories


Did you know that for most doors, a handle can be installed on the outside too? We can do that! We stock a variety of handles, guides, and bumpers. These protect the door, the handles and your fingers.



Brittle, dry-rotted weather-stripping is not doing the best job it can. Gunked-up weather-stripping damages your rollers, and worn-down felt lets the panel rattle.

Whatever your concern, we can evaluate your weather-stripping during our in-home estimate.

Locks & Security

Your patio door doesn't lock? Is the frame separating from the glass? 


Safety and security are top priority! We carry a variety of locks and additional security options. With our extensive knowledge, we can restore the safety and integrity of your doors!

Window Repair


Windows have parts too! Balancers and guides help lift the sash and make operating the window a breeze.

If your window is a hassle to operate, we can make it perform like new!