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  • Lisa Paeth

Why Offer Free In-Home Estimates?

Why do we offer free in-home estimates? Because we believe in providing the best customer service, starting with the most accurate pricing. We want to provide the actual price to fix your unique situation, because all situations are different.

Instead of asking you, the homeowner, a million questions over the phone and possibly providing an over- or under-estimated ballpark of cost, we send our experienced technicians to diagnose your slider's particular issues and provide an estimate customized to suit your needs.

Different openings present different problems as time goes on. Some doors have rail damage while others don't, some may have structural concerns, some may be impact-rated and wear down their rollers more easily, and some may simply need an adjustment - all of which influence the cost of your repair.

Schedule your complimentary, obligation-free estimate today by calling 239-600-8474, check out our FAQ for more info.


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